In the market for your next fishing boat? We get the excitement! However, while we all want to think about a boat’s fishing capabilities, there are several other factors you should keep in mind when considering the right boat to purchase.  Some of these include the size of the crew you’ll go out on the water with, your boating experience, the amenities you want access to aboard your boat, and where you want to store your boat. 

It’s also important to consider whether you plan on fishing inshore or offshore since this will set some parameters for the type of boat you’ll need.

Here are some of the best-style fishing boats for different kinds of fishing experiences:


Center consoles are very popular for both inshore and offshore fishing.  This style of boat – also known as a full walkaround – allows passengers to traverse the full perimeter of the boat; this is helpful when drift fishing, as anglers can fish the length of the boat from bow to stern as well as when battling a large fish, where moving around the boat is required.  These boats are typically equipped with outboard engines and are known for their speed.  While speed and agility sound great, the drawback is that these style boats don’t typically have a lot of protection from the elements or ample seating. Center consoles range from 10-15ft to 50-65ft and are a great option for day-trippers, inshore fishermen, and hardy offshore fishermen.  They are typically fair-weather boats.

sportfishing boat in Montau, NY


Sportfishing and express-style boats are similar to each other in that they typically offer a protected helm station and cabin. However, sportfishing boats have a flybridge while express-style boats do not. Both types of boats may be seen with towers on top. These boats are usually wider for their size than center consoles and offer ample protection from the elements. They are often equipped with inboard engines and are constructed with features that make them ideal for fishing in the open ocean, including large fuel tanks, seaworthy hulls, live wells, tackle stations, and rod holders. While these boats don’t exactly offer the same amount of fishing real estate as center consoles, the placement of their engines in the center of the hull and their nimble throttles make them extremely maneuverable. Sportfish and express-style boats range in size from 20 feet all up to 100+ feet. They are a nice option for the boater looking for creature comforts and protection on a long trek offshore.


If you like fishing close to shore and you find yourself going out on the water with just a friend or two, bay boats and flats boats are a style of boat to consider. These boats are usually equipped with a single outboard engine allowing them to run quietly and approach shallow waters with ease. They often have low gunwales making it easy to reach into the water to release fish.  If simple is what you’re looking for, bay boats and flats boats are the way to go. They are lightweight, can easily be trailered and transported, and have minimal systems that require maintenance. The drawback is that unlike sportfish, express, and center console style fishing boats, these little vessels rarely have protection from the sun and there is usually no way to escape the wind. Bay boats and flats boats are typically 22ft and under.  


After investing in a brand new boat, it’s important to find a storage location you trust.  At Montauk Anglers Club & Marina, you’ll find a variety of fixed and floating dock slips as well as equipment for boat hauling including two travel lifts, a forklift, and one of only two launch ramps in Montauk.  In addition to storage, Montauk Anglers Club’s Yamaha and Mercury-certified master mechanics will keep your boat in great form year-round.  The marina also offers inshore and offshore fishing charters.

Get in touch with the dockmaster’s office to secure a slip or call to find out more about the marina’s amenities!