Boat Maintenance:
taking care of your sport fishing boat

by Montauk Anglers Club & Marina

Regular boat maintenance is essential, but it’s especially important for anglers to keep their vessels in good shape to avoid accidents while fishing and ensure a safe return to the dock. If you’re wondering how often you should inspect your boat for issues, the answer is – before every trip!  Of course, no angler wants to spend their day at the dock working on their boat while the weather is beautiful and the fish are running, but a quick glance over all your boat’s systems is all that’s needed. 

If you want your fishing boat to operate reliably season after season, follow these maintenance tips.

Keep the exterior clean

Maintaining a spotless deck, topside, and windows is important for more than just aesthetics.  With a dirty deck, you never know where a slippery spot may lie.  Dirt on a boat also hides minor damage, cracks, and rust that if left untreated could spread and cause more significant problems.  Any damage to the exterior of a boat’s hull could lead to moisture in the hull which is expensive and timely to repair.  Spotting any damage of this sort is key to keeping your boat in good working order; not to mention, keeping your boat clean can help spare you the cost of some avoidable repairs.

Check for leaks and repair if necessary

Fishing boats require an additional layer of inspection given the wear and tear that occurs throughout the season. It’s crucial to locate and fix any leaks on your boat’s deck, transom, or hull to prevent water intrusion. Most leaks start small and are relatively easy to repair so fixing them early is in your best interest.  In most cases, a simple adhesive or compound solvent will do the trick but as always, if you are uncertain, contact your local service center for advice.

Store the boat in a safe place 

Keeping your boat in good condition starts with storing your boat properly and keeping it in a safe place.  Proper storage begins with using adequate sized lines and dock fenders with the proper placement between your boat and the dock.  When storing your boat on a trailer, make sure the winch cable is properly secured and safety chains are in place.  Safely storing your boat is not only about securing it properly but also about leaving it in a place you trust.  

It’s not always wise to tinker with repairs and upkeep on your own, which is where we come in.  At Montauk Anglers Club & Marina, our Mercury and Yamaha certified master mechanics will keep your boat and its engine(s) in tip top shape so it’s ready to use every time you want to go out.  Our seasoned yard crew is on site every day to walk the docks and help make sure your lines are properly fastened.  Furthermore, in the event of a bad storm, our crew offers a storm haul service for customers that wish to have their boats pulled from the water for an additional layer of protection.  Give us a call to find out more; we look forward to being your trusted marina in Montauk. 

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