Owning a boat is an amazing experience. However, the additional cost of marine fuel can make your boating season a little less enjoyable. A few changes and checks can help you cut down on fuel usage every time you take your boat out for a run. These savings can accumulate and help you save throughout the season. 

Whether you’re going inshore or offshore fishing, here are some ways to save fuel on your boat:


Like cars, any objects sticking out at the top of your boat will create an excessive amount of air drag that can reduce your mileage and speed. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you remove the bimini or cockpit cover when using the boat. It’s also essential to keep your lines clean to improve your fuel economy. If you can, try avoiding towing any tenders to reduce the amount of fuel your boat consumes. 


The right trim on your boating vessel can decrease the amount of fuel that it consumes. If you’re cruising around with your boat’s bow a large distance away from the water, you’re likely burning a lot more fuel than you should. Try to keep the hull level with the plane to maximize the thrust.  

Adjust the vessel’s weight distribution if you need to use excessive leg trim or trim tab every time. Shifting more of the weight towards the bow will help your boat trim in a more even manner.  


The heavier the boat, the more fuel it’ll require and the slower it’ll go. Keep this point in mind when you’re loading the boat and remove any objects that you don’t need to decrease the weight.  

One example of this might be your old fishing gear—if you’re not planning to use it immediately,  it’s best to store it somewhere else. 


A clean hull can instantly cut down on the drag when the boat is moving through water. This can noticeably reduce fuel consumption. A performance boat can increase its speed by a good 2 knots by removing light fouling and cleaning the hull. Try to wash the hull as often as you can,  and make sure to anti-foul it before the start of the season. 

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Now that you know how to save fuel on your boat, it’s time to choose where you would like to fill up for your next trip. Montauk Anglers Club & Marina is conveniently located on Lake Montauk and has a diesel pump, gas pump, and a high-speed diesel pump on the outer dock for larger vessels. While you’re there you’ll have a chance to explore our beautiful property with dockside water and electricity, showers and bathrooms, free wifi, and a waterfront restaurant. We have a well-stocked bait and tackle store filled with an extensive variety of boating and fishing goods and a full parts department with everything you may need for your boat and its engine. Montauk Anglers Club & Marina is also a certified Yamaha and Mercury outboard dealership and service center with master technicians on staff year-round.  

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